5th March 2016 Matthew Doel

Crowdy designed to work hand in hand with Watson Analytics


Crowdy is a customer engagement and reward tool developed by business intelligence experts, EBI Solutions. Built on IBM Technology, Crowdy has been designed to work hand in hand with Watson Analytics.

Capturing data using Crowdy is easy

Crowdy is a customer engagement and reward tool that collects rich location aware customer data, delivering instant rewards for responses. The enterprise class mobile application can be used to ask an invited audience almost any question. Organisations can ask about their crowd’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors or about what they can see around them. For example, a shopper could be asked which product they prefer and why, or to check stock levels or photograph a display.

Crowdy is a software as a service (SaaS) offering. Using the intuitive Crowdy Create online application to create a data capture survey is easy. Log in, type questions, select answer types, upload branding, add a reward and set parameters such as distance from a location and number of responses required. Then invite a crowd to respond.

Once at a location, respondents see a branded survey, swipe through to answer questions and then receive a reward, such as a discount code or competition entry, sent direct to their phone. All the data they have provided is instantly sent to IBM data centres, ready for ingestion into Watson Analytics.

Crowdy and IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics enables organisations to explore data and discover insight in a whole new way. The breakthrough technology leads the field in advanced and predictive analytics. It rapidly identifies relationships in data and delivers exceptional analytics via a simple to navigate user interface.

Like all Business Intelligence solutions, Watson Analytics relies on high quality and comprehensive data input. In pursuit of this, Watson Analytics has built in tools to explore and refine data, helping users improve data quality and gain deeper insights. What it can’t do is fill data gaps, which is where Crowdy’s unique data capture capabilities come in.

Café discovers fresh insights through Watson and Crowdy

In one application Crowdy and Watson Analytics were used in conjunction to identify what was driving buying decisions in a chain of café outlets, Honest Café. Crowdy was able to capture data about student demographics that would otherwise be difficult or costly to obtain. The results found a strong correlation (86% predictive strength) between social behavior, day of week and payment method. This enabled Honest Café to tailor marketing plans to better target this buying group.

What will you discover?

Watson Analytics is already helping all kinds of organisations to find new insights and make better decisions. The cyclical approach of using Watson Analytics hand in hand with Crowdy enables an ever richer story to be told about the customers over time.

EBI Solutions has been an IBM Business Partner for 15 years and helped a large number of enterprise accounts with information management and analytics. We’re helping many customers understand the value of Watson Analytics and so we’re a good starting point for companies wanting to know more about this exciting technology.

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