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Crowdy is a ground-breaking mobile app platform that enables organisations to ask and incentivise customers, contacts and communities to answer questions and complete tasks on their mobile. 

Create your own branded Crowdy promotion or survey to achieve what you want. Your users go to a location, carry out a series of tasks or survey and in exchange get a reward.

You get to collect customer data, run surveys and polls, drive footfall, promote sales, check retail displays, monitor stock levels, build awareness, engage customers, monitor assets, check compliance, create content, drive sampling, the list is endless.

It’s like creating your own bespoke interactive mobile survey only quicker and easier.


Who Crowdy is for?

Any size and type of organisation that’s customer focussed and understands the value of data, will benefit from Crowdy

  • Marketeers
  • Researchers
  • Agencies
  • Data analysts
  • Retailers
  • Asset management

Location Aware

Crowdy will enable you to drive footfall and ensure compliance:

  • You can check a user is at a location
  • GPS, Geofencing, iBeacons
  • Search promotions by location

Tasks & Surveys

  • Beautifully interactive, intuitive and fun to use
  • Add a picture or photograph to aid understanding or branding
  • Plenty of space for the questions and explanation of the tasks
  • Lots of task types: photo, price, number, yes/no, multiple choice, free text, code check


  • Instant Win
  • Voucher Code
  • Prize Draw
  • Incentivises actions, increases response rates, brand awareness and drives sales


Create a Crowdy for your organisation

Designing and implementing your Crowdy survey or promotion is quick and simple using the intuitive Crowdy Create online dashboard.

Log in and you’ll find all you need. Step by step instructions and a visualiser showing what your Crowdy will look like on a mobile makes it easy for anyone. There is no coding required and you’ll see how easy it is to create your own branded Crowdy promotion.





Data Integration & Analysis

Explore and filter submissions in real time.

  • Export data as CSV
  • Download to desktop or send directly to Dropbox
  • API for integration with other systems
  • Date and time, email address and GPS location stored against every submission
  • Real time submissions map, to analyse your submissions as they come in
  • For a full range of data integration and analysis solutions including IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM dashDB, IBM SPSS, IBM Watson Analytics and Salesforce please contact us

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